DIPLOMA IN VIDEO & FILM STUDIES is designed to equip students with creative knowledge and skills in video and film production of related industries such as entertainment, multimedia, infotainment and edutainment. This programme focuses on the technical application of audio and video, while stressing on the fundamental theories and film language. Study and research in local epics / legends and cultural heritage are emphasized to instill the keen of such elements in students’ projects.

The core courses that’s provides a basic creative analytical thinking and design theories offer strong foundation in video and film studies. The discipline core courses facilitate students to explore, practice technical skills and to utilize digital media for audio and video production. The elective from various design disciplines provide added value in terms of knowledge, creativity and appreciation on the characteristics and values of art and design. Students are given opportunities to enhance their skills in video of short story, documentary, music video, audio video editing and compositing, or an experimental study of making video from any combination of contents and multimedia. This will give the students value added and ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired through this programme are relevant with the needs of the film industries. As the programme emphasizes self-initiated learning and hands-on competencies, graduates of this programme will be ready to take the challenges in the world of film and broadcast.

This programme is designed for Polytechnics METrO that focusing on Workbased Learning (WBL). This is two and a half years programme comprising with three semesters course work in campus and two semesters for WBL at industry. Students are prepared for their future role in the economy by building a solid foundation and the essential skills related to the diverse field of creative industries.










This programme provides educational and training in video and film studies with a specific emphasis on digital technologies. The courses offered such as compulsory, common core, diciplines core and electives courses. Those courses are Fundamentals of Art and Design, Fundamentals of Drawing, Art History, Fundamentals of Digital Photography, Audio Video Technology, Editing and Compositing, Film Studies, Introduction to Video Production, Acting Directing, Digital Imaging, Film Studies, Video Production I, Script Writing and Cinematography. Video Media Project, Production Design, Video Production II and Video Production Portfolio is a final year courses which provides an in-depth knowledge to develop students working skills which is train in industry through work-based learning (WBL) proceses.

The students are equiped with skills and knowledge in digital areas such as relevant software and hardware in broadcast and film industries. In addition to the technical courses, students are also taught Seni dalam Islam, Pengajian Malaysia, Nilai Masyarakat Malaysia, Komunikasi Penyiaran dalam Islam, Communicative English, Ko-Kurikulum, Entrepreneurship, Occupational Safety and Health to enhance their competencies in soft skills.


Graduates of Diploma in Video and Film Studies are equipped with creative knowledge and skills in digital-media-production development of related industries such as entertainment, multimedia, infotainment and edutainment. Graduates will be able to diversify and readily trainable in any specific fields of video and film production industries. They can communicate effectively and positively competitive in team work besides being proactive and accountable with less supervision. Graduates are also provided with basic entrepreneurship skills and will appreciate socials and environmental changes, technology, local legend and cultural heritage that would inspire in the content development of video and film production.




Assistant film /video producer


Line producer


Camera operator/videographer


Assistant cameraman


Technical assistant




Assistant audio designer


Audio operator

Kolaborasi Industri Work-Based Learning (WBL)


Fasiliti yang terdapat di Jabatan Rekabentuk dan Komunikasi Visual (JRKV):

  • Makmal MACINTOSH
  • Studio Suntingan Audio dan Video
  • Studio Multi-Camera Production (MCP)
  • Studio Fotografi
  • Bilik Technology Enable Collaborative Classroom (TECC)
  • Bilik Technoloy Enable Classroom (TEC)
  • Bilik Kuliah

Diploma Pengajian Video dan Filem

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Carta Organisasi Jabatan Rekabentuk dan Komunikasi Visual (JRKV)

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

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